Calendaristic Setup Instructions

How It Works

In order to build domain-wide reports, Calendaristic relies on a service account with domain-wide access delegation to read calendars. Calendaristic only needs access to the following:

  • Read-only access to listing Google Workspace users (in order to find accounts).
  • Read-only access to calendars.
    • This includes event information such as time, agenda, and attendees.
    • You can configure specific accounts for omission from our data collection and reporting.

You can read more about what information we collect and how we use it in our Privacy Policy.

How Do I Configure My Google Workspace Domain?

  • First, you’ll need a Google Workspace super administrator account. This is typically managed by IT. If you have access to Google Admin, you can view roles and privileges by following these instructions.
  • Go to Google Admin. Make sure you’re signed into your Google Workspace account, not your personal Gmail account.
  • From the left-hand menu bar, navigate to “Security”, then “Access and data control” and, finally, “API controls.”
  • At the bottom of this page, look for “Manage Domain-wide Delegation.” Click the button.
  • Click “Add New”
  • Provide the client ID specified in your Calendaristic account information page.
  • In the box that says, “OAuth scopes (comma-delimited)” paste in the following:
  • You’ll see another box appear below this for another OAuth scope. Paste in the following:
  • Click “Authorize.”
  • That’s it! You’re done. You should now be able to generate reports.