Where does the time go?

Have you ever found your team in this brutal cycle?

Help, my team complains about too many meetings! We do some things to try to alleviate the problem.
Meetings get created to "improve communication." We seem to be doing better, but let's see how things are going.

Kill the cycle with Calendaristic.
Proactively monitor problems and help your team be more productive.

Let's go!

Useful Features

You can't measure what you can't see.

Your organization's meetings are the heartbeat of your company. Calendaristic is your stethoscope.

Trended Analysis

How does your organization's meeting burden change over time?

Identify Expensive Meetings

Figure out where your most expensive meetings are, particularly recurring ones.

Departmental Breakdown

Break down stats by organizational unit and even identify management versus individual contributors.

Your Data Is Private

We don't share your data with anyone. See our Privacy Policy for more.

Excellent Support

We are only an email away if you have questions.

Proactive Monitoring Pro

Configurable alerts for expensive meetings, upcoming PTO, and more.

Pricing Plans

We make it easy and affordable.

Choose the best plan to fit your needs.

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$ 168 / year
  • Trended analysis for past quarter
  • Basic weekly reports
  • Breakdown by department
  • Basic Support
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$1.89 /mo per domain user
$ 264 / year
  • Everything in basic
  • Trended analytics for the past year
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Forward-looking analysis for one month
  • Detect departmental silos
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$ 444 / year
  • Everything in Professional
  • Monitor last-minute meeting changes
  • AI analysis of meeting agendas
  • Premium Support
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